8 Must-Have Features expected from a Residential Project in Madhyamgram

24 Apr 2024

When you invest in a residential project in Madhyamgram, you need to look out for some key features so that you can make the most out of your living experience. The place, Madhyamgram, is in itself well-connected to the main city and is near the Kolkata Airport.

As a popular residential neighborhood in Kolkata, Madhyamgram is currently one of the city’s fastest-growing residential areas. Numerous renowned builders and developers, like the DIamond Group, are constructing ultra-modern, high-rise apartment buildings in Madhyamgram. The best part is that it is close to Madhyamgram’s Vivekananda Nagar developments as well as New Barrackpore, Sodepur, Dum Dum, Airport Road, Barasat and Birati. Three train stations, Madhyamgram, New Barrackpore, and Sodepur, as well as other side roads like the Expressway near Madhyamgram, make this favorably positioned.

8 Must-Have Features In A Residential Project in Madhyamgram


A key strength of a good residential project in Madhyamgram should be its connectivity. The area’s transport network should have good transportation options in the neighborhood, including taxi and bus services that are easily available so that people do not have to wait for long. The distance of the airport from the residential complex should not be too much. The connectivity can be further enhanced if the property is close to an upcoming metro project.

Modern Facilities

Most projects in North Kolkata provide many benefits to attract homebuyers. A residential project in Madhyamgram should provide modern comforts to facilitate comfortable living. There should be AC Community Halls, play areas for children, yoga decks,gyms, swimming pools, etc., so residents can live a luxurious lifestyle. Many projects in Madhyamgram offer such amenities at affordable rates, making them a great option.

Safety And Security

Every resident prioritizes the safety and security of residential areas. A residential project must have CCTV surveillance to track activities within the society, intercom facilities, and security personnel to ensure a safe living environment for their family members.

IGBC Gold Certification

When searching for a residence in Madhyamgram, an IGBC Gold certified property is one to opt for. Such a property meets environmental performance standards focusing on energy efficiency, water conservation, use of recycled materials, and a healthy indoor environment. An IGBC Gold certification signifies a property’s commitment to sustainability, which can be a valuable factor for eco-conscious homebuyers.

Real Estate Market

Residential properties in Madhyamgram should offer good return on investment. The area should attract prospective investors, and the rates should not be too high. This allows more scope for appreciation, and buyers can get premium facilities in the upcoming projects offered by real estate companies such as Diamond Group.

Community Experience

It is always good to be surrounded by neighbors because one can celebrate festivals together and stay like a family. The residential projects in Madhyamgram must have banquet space and community halls. Having ample space for gathering and celebrating allows plenty of opportunities for effective communication. Residents can benefit from a friendly community where interpersonal relationships are valued.

Access To Educational Institutions

A good residential project should ensure that all the prestigious educational institutes are situated within reach so that the residents can have access to modern education. In Madhyamgram, schools like Julien Day School and Sudhir Memorial School offer quality education. While Delhi World Public School provides stellar academic opportunities for your children and access to modern education.

Medical Facilities Available

Because residents’ health is of the utmost importance, complete medical services must be accessible in the neighborhood of the residential complex. In Madhyamgram, hospitals like the NH Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, which offers various medical services, is staffed by a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals, and is equipped with the latest medical equipment.

Hospitals like Care and Cure Nursing Home in Madhyamgram ensure high-quality medical services, including emergency care, diagnostics, and specialty therapies, are easily accessible. These healthcare facilities are essential for the residents’ health and safety since they provide comfort and quick access to care when needed.

Navya Group- The Residential Project In Madhyamgram With High-End Amenities

The residential complex in Madhyamgram that redefines comfort and elegance is located at the center of this promising neighborhood- Diamond Group’s Navya. Navya, which was built by the well-known Diamond and Sugam Groups, covers 91 Kattah, giving its occupants plenty of room to breathe and grow.

With units ranging from 2,3, 4BHK, the complex can accommodate 200 families. Adding to our attractions is a double-height club located on the ninth floor. Hosting parties and family get-togethers becomes possible as a result of this enhanced living experience. Celebrate your major life events here and indulge in the community spirit. Booking your residence with Diamond Group gives you the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed quality.

Make a Wise Choice By Investing In Residential Projects In Madhyamgram

It is an excellent option to explore the new residential projects in Madhyamgram. It has become a popular neighborhood among prospective homebuyers because of its advantageous location, convenient transportation options, well-established schools, hospitals with various specializations, and high-end builders like the Diamond Group that provide reasonably priced, high-end homes. According to recent trends, there is a high demand for flats in the region and a significant potential for growth. If you want an elevated lifestyle, you should invest in a property in Madhyamgram today.

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